About LDRR

"A splendid light has dawned on me.."
~Albert Einstein

The last 50 years have been explosive in terms of the new technologies in healthcare. Increased patient comfort and faster recovery has pushed the boundaries of health delivery systems. From diagnostics to rehabilitation, various sectors of health care come together to ensure comfort and complete recovery.

Dentistry has borne witness to some of the most beneficial changes in the last few decades- lasers being the most recent. With procedures like LANAP and Laser assisted surgeries and cavity cutting, it is evident that the future of dental care is Lasers.

Dr Kirpa Johar founded LDRR with the objectives of forming an independent, superior, scientifically based common platform to promote the exchange of ideas and information of dental laser concepts specific to practical needs and requirements of dentists world-wide.

LDRR is a non-profit co-operation. It has no commercial interest, nor is it bound to any industrial or commercial enterprise. 



L.D.R.R across the batches have had dental surgeons from India and Internationally. We continue to work sincerely with a vision to make L.D.R.R based in Bangalore, India a global destination for dentists around the world seeking quality laser dental education.