LDRR Introductory Course 2017


This 2-day educationally packed course in laser dentistry will teach you the best ways to maximize the value of your investment in laser technology. You will learn by modern educational methods of combining seminars with hands-on education. Our goal is to teach you how laser dentistry will allow you to have less stress and be more productive.

Course Highlights

The course is designed for
  1. Participation in 2-day comprehensive Dental Laser Course.
  2. Learn Laser physics and fundamentals of Lasers.
  3. Learn Laser safety and infection control.
  4. Understand the capabilities and limitations of Dental Lasers.
  5. Review all Laser Types – delivery system operating parameters and power settings.
  6. Covering entire spectrum of Dental lasers – Co2, Diode, Erbium; family of Lasers
  7. Review scientific studies of both hard and soft tissue Laser application
  8. Participate in hands – on in vitro, clinical stimulation and treatment applications
  9. Discuss management of patient treatment.

(Note - Send Cheque / DD payable at Bangalore fovouring "Laser Dentistry Research And Review" or Remit to HDFC A/c no. 01842000010760 in name of "Laser Dentistry Research And Review")

Registration contact - +91 9886160162

Download E-Brochure for Basic Course

Basic Course Certificate

Laser Dentistry Research & Review conducts a certification program. On successful completion of the course each participant will be handed over a certificate.