Fundamentals of Laser Dentistry

About the Book

Fundamentals of Laser Dentistry is a textbook on laser dental practice for dentists and practitioners. The author, during his master’s course for Laser Dentistry, found that a lot of concepts were unclear and study material for basics too were few and wanting in fundamentals. This led him to come up with a book that contained all the aspects of Laser assisted practice including laser physics and various practical procedures. This textbook was conceived with the idea to make laser dentistry easy to comprehend and integrate into practice.

Fundamentals of Laser Dentistry is written with a view to conglomerate various topics of the field of laser dentistry and present to the readers an objective and precise view of the current and future trends of this science.

About the Author

Dr kirpa Johar has done his masters degree certification in laser dentistry from Vienna university.He Heads an exclusive private practice in Bangalore-India,where in he uses both hard and soft tissue lasers in his routine practice .He has seen his patients benefit tremendously from his laser assisted treatment due to the non invasive nature of treatment,faster recovery time and lesser post operative discomfort.

Being deeply committed to the spread of knowledge of laser dentistry he recently established Laser Dentistry Research and Review to form a platform for the dental fraternity to access ,exchange and learn the latest techniques and procedures in the field of laser dentistry.The author can be contacted at  

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