Fundamentals of Laser Dentistry Handbook Of Photomedicine


Chapter 1: Basic Physics and Concepts of Lasers used in Dentistry

Chapter 2: Laser Safety      

Chapter 3: Laser in Preventive Dentistry  

Chapter 4: Lasers in Operative Dentistry 

Chapter 5: Photo Polymerization 

Chapter 6: Dentin Hypersensitivity 

Chapter 7: Laser- assisted Cosmetic Dentistry 

Chapter 8: Laser Application in Pediatric Dentistry 

Chapter 9: Laser in Endodontics

Chapter 10: Laser- assisted Periodontal Therapy

Chapter 11: Laser in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 

Chapter 12: Laser as an Adjunct to Orthodontics

Chapter 13: Low Level Laser Therapy

Chapter 14: Photo Activated Disinfection

Chapter 15: Integrating Lasers into Your Practice Management

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