"A splendid light has dawned on me.."
~Albert Einstein

Laser Dentistry Research and Review was conceptualized with a view to spread awareness about and to explore the various avenues of laser assisted dentistry. Laser Dentistry has an immense potential for growth. Being in its nascent stages, access to information is limited and pertaining to a few journals. LDRR is suited to dental practitioners and students who wish to learn and share their experiences of laser assisted dental procedures. LDRR looks to amalgamate pools of dedicated professionals who wish to take their practice to the next level and redefine dentistry. Our goal is to strengthen relations with dental LASER societies, professional and scientific groups and laser manufacturers.

Laser dentistry Research and Review is a scientific community where members of the dental profession and those allied to the dental profession can interact, and actively engage together on various topics related to laser assisted dentistry.