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Dr. Archana Kishore Australia

I had... right from the very first phone call I made from Australia to Dr Johar enquiring about his Advanced training on Laser Dentistry was incredible. I've noticed the diligence, the extra effort and most importantly..the simple yet very very powerful concept of exceptional service which Dr Johar and his team had projected during the ...whole length of the course was unimaginable.

Coming to the advanced course...the venue for lecture sessions was very conveniently close to Dr Johar's practice. Every detail had been taken care of with careful planning and executed perfectly and consistently throughout the whole length of the course.

The format of the lecture series is so carefully planned right from basics in lasers which includes Laser Physics and Safety training to Clinical Applications of Hard and Soft tissue Lasers in Modern Dentistry...The PM sessions were even more carefully planned with live demonstrations on patients and then had an opportunity to work on patients which was simply great. The best thing was the patients were so co-operative...

Dr Johar ensured that each and every topic in dentistry where Laser can get through had been thoroughly explained, demonstrated and then finally work on patients for soft tissue procedures and hard tissue procedures was just beyond expectations.

Finally, but not the least to say...Dr Kirpa Johar's textbook is simply outstanding guide to anyone who wish to practice Lasers. It is in simple language,easy to understand and apply in everyday practice...this book is what we need. Never in my practice I had been so confident to go out and try an extremely hi tech, ultra modern, minimally invasive procedures on my own client base here in Australia. I'm extremely grateful to Dr Johar's Academy of Laser Dentistry Research and Review for making such a beautiful course and giving me an opportunity to be one of your students. Highly recommend the course to anyone interested in up skilling in lasers.

Thank you very much Dr Kirpa Johar and your highly efficient team of Dentists and assistants. LDRR is the future and wish you all the success and many more happy students!

Dr.Rahamath khan Libya The course was very informative and happened to meet a nice guy like Dr. Kirpa Johar.
Dr.Smitha Tharakan Oman The course was a real eye-opener for me. It was very informative and I'm sure I've come a step ahead in my career regarding Laser Dentistry. I'm happy I attended this course. A Giant Leap. The hands on practicals were awesome.
Dr.Verdine. V.Anthony Libya It was very informative, well organized, hands on was very well handled with care and precision. Very humble, approachable and good natured person with good skill and rapport.
Dr Sharat Vijayan Oman My idea of one course was to get an over view about the use of laser in dentistry. I think I have got what I was looking for. Very friendly DR KIRPA and his staff. The venue and food was amazing good been all.
Dr.Yusra Mohammed Yemen I wanted to thankful Dr.Kirpa who is to opening my eye to new department of dentistry. Now I continue forward in this department. I passed in this course nicely.
Dr.Mona Al. Saad Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) I am happy that I attended this course with Dr. Johar and i will advice my friends not to miss it. Thanks a lot.
Dr. Sultana.S.Saiyed Kuwait I came to attend the course to raise the standard of Endodontics. The course definitely was above my expectation and I am taking back a lot more than expected. Thanks a ton Dr. Kirpa Johar for making my concept of laser crystal clean. You are an excellent and a very sweet mentor.