Fundamentals of Laser Dentistry Handbook Of Photomedicine

Key Features Of The Book

Fundamentals of laser dentistry has been conceptualized and written by the author to create a ready reckoner hand book on laser dentistry covering all relevant aspects of laser assisted dentistry.

The book starts with basics of Laser physics ,laser safety and laser tissue interaction as an vital understanding of these basics will help clinicians learn how to optimize clinical results with their laser equipment in their practice.

All clinical aspects and procedures of laser dentistry have been completely covered and written in an easy to follow pattern.

Complete coloured clinical photos, illustrations and diagrams have been used to further support the understanding of of the text.

A chapter on how to introduce lasers into your practice has also been included for dentists who wish to introduce this wonderful tool in their practice and often wonder how to go about the change in their practice.

Fundamentals of laser dentistry is an indispensable guide for any dentist who wants to get into laser dentistry and for dentists who already are laser users and want to enhance their skills so that they can use their equipment to the maximum.

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