Word From The Director

Laser Dentistry is the next phase of dental treatment that is fast gaining its much deserved popularity. Quick, versatile and accurate the lasers are fast replacing conventional forms of treatment. Lasers easily ablate and reshape oral soft tissues. In addition, lasers increase haemostasis through heat- induced coagulation and occlusion of arterioles, venules and capillaries. The patient is more comfortable and co-operative. The operative field is clean and isolated and asepsis is maintained. This in turn results in faster healing. It has been proven that the 1st week post operative healing is much faster in patients that have undergone laser treatment as opposed to those who received conventional treatment.

Periodontal procedures like gingivectomy, flap surgery and crown lengthening can be performed without incisions. The laser tip can be inserted into the depth of the pocket. The high-energy photons emitted by the laser generate heat that causes necrosis diseased tissue/ debris in addition to destroying the bacteria. Similar principle is at work when laser is used for root canal sterilisation after cleaning and shaping. Surgical extraction using laser requires minimal bone removal and results in lesser post-operative swelling. Other laser treatment options include bleaching, etching, laser-assisted tooth exposure (ortho, pedo), biopsy, cavity cutting and implants- in short laser can be an active part of your clinic. Also, laser equipment comes with different configurations to suit the dentist, which makes it easier to incorporate it into daily practice.

Laser can markedly improve conventional practice. Laser confers the affected tissue aseptic. Periodontic and Endodontic cases with questionable to poor prognosis show 80-90% resolution. Its non-invasive property asks for very little home care and diet alteration. The recovery is therefore rapid and there is minimal to no relapse. Bleaching results are long lasting- up to 3 years. Laser treatments usually cost up to 25% more than conventional treatment, with up to 80% higher success rates.

Every innovation in dental history has had an irrevocable impact on practice modality and treatment delivery. Laser is the next boom in the healthcare industry. Already an active part of general practice, it is the new standard in dentistry.

Dr.Kirpa Johar